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There are barrels of thousands of web hosting companies around. Most of these websites offer both Windows hosting and Linux hosting plans. Windows plans usually be more expensive because of the license costs imposed by Microsoft. Knowing this, how may you know when you need Windows hosting and when Linux hosting will continue to work just as well or better? Keep reading to learn.

Windows operating systems are simply on something similar to 95% of most computers on the globe. Basic a complete dominance, Microsoft Windows is top of mind to the majority new people seeking web hosting.

In the web server world though, Windows based servers are behind less than 20% of most websites on the web. This is according to the latest web server survey from By deciding on a Linux hosting plan, you'll find yourself in good company.

When in the event you use Windows Hosting?

1. .NET technologies including are not entirely on Linux platforms. If you have an online site built with Microsoft .NET technologies you'll need to select a Windows hosting plan. Actually, if you need ASP without .NET features, most Linux hosting plans tend not to offer support correctly.

2. Access Databases are merely provided with a Windows hosting plan. Access operates on a Microsoft Windows platform and cannot are powered by a Linux Os.

3. MSSQL is an enterprise class database created by Microsoft. If you want a business class database there are many alternatives that run with a Linux platform but when you may need Microsoft's MSSQL database, a hosting plan must be your selection.

4. If you are using Microsoft's Sharepoint services like a few of the Sharepoint features present in Frontpage 2003, a Windows Hosting program's your only choice.

Is there a advantage to choosing Linux Hosting?

All the major services you need to run a business class website can be obtained on Linux based systems totally free. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP are used together to provide the infrastructure behind one of the most traffic intensive sites on the internet.

PHP runs better with a Linux server than you are on a Windows server. That being said, if you aren't placing a heavy strain on your PHP scripts, this will not noticeable.

Normally, Linux hosting plans have reached least 20% less expensive than Windows hosting plans. If you do not need some of the features mentioned above, Linux hosting is a fine decision for the needs you have.

For Microsoft specific technologies, Windows hosting plans are usually the best option. For everything else, Linux hosting plans will most likely do very well. While using personal savings usually found with Linux hosting plans, Linux hosting is often the right choice for you.

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